Piano TechnologyDon Wright School of Music

Update: Dean Betty Anne Younker, Don Wright Faculty of Music

May 2015

Thank you for your interest in the Piano Technology Program.  As Dean of the Faculty I am very proud of the longstanding tradition of graduating top students from our program who can find work with prestigious organizations around the world.  The quality of the program, and its ability to meet industry needs, continue to be our highest goals.

As of July 31st, 2015, Anne Fleming-Read (Coordinator, Piano Technology Program) will be retiring, a loss to the Faculty and certainly to the program. With this in mind and the desire to continue to offer the program at the level of excellence in which it has been offered, we have decided to take some time to assess the current program and to evaluate modifications that will meet the ever changing needs of industry and our students. We will therefore not be able to run the program until further notice.